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We work with you to develop bespoke resources appropriate for your niche patient community.

Support for Mental health services


We have all the tools to work with you to review, produce and develop resources that are appropriate for your particular patient community.  Delivery may be online or face-to-face as appropriate.

Specialist website resources or leaflets

We can provide, or consult upon, a number of specialist resources, with relevance to a particular patient community.

We have produced a number of resources for a number of charities such as:

  • EDealing with Diagnosis
  • ELiving with Uncertainty
  • ESupporting the Supporters - A Guide for Carers
  • EWorking with your Medical Team
  • EStarting a Family
  • EResources for Young People (eg. Starting University; Sex & Relationships; Transitioning to Adult Services etc

We can also work withyou to build resources signposting to trusted mental health support agencies and websites, or to provide copy and news articles for newsletters.

Insightful videos

We work with our own local professional videographer to produce high quality films for your internal and external communication needs. 

Popular themes include:

  • EIntroducing your services and FAQs about Counselling
  • EWhat is Mindfulness
  • ELiving with Uncertainty
  • EDealing with difficult news and telling others
  • EManaging Hormone Stages
  • E4 Quick 'Managing Anxiety' Techniques
  • EThe 10 Minute 'Mindful Mondays' Series

Presentations to Conferences, Patient Groups or Healthcare Professionals

We have vast experience in presenting to many user groups on a number of popular topics:

  • EAn Introduction to the Counselling Service
  • ECounselling Service Findings
  • EThe Psychological Impact of (your particular) rare disease
  • ESpecialist areas such as 'Working with Young Adults' or 'Grief & Loss'
  • EOther areas of interest as required.

We can also work withyou to build resources signposting to trusted mental health support agencies and websites.

Patient Support Services

We can provide a wide range of specialist patient support services, tailored to your individual requirements.


Outreach at Hospital based Clincs or Services

We can offer a regular or occasional presence at specialist centres.  This helps build trusted relationships wtih healthcare professionals for the purposes of education, liaison and ease of referral, as well as raising the profile of the service for patients.


Patient Support Groups and Peer Mentoring Schemes

We can help start or support patient groups.  We train or support patient leaders or peer supporters.  This may be on an individual basis or in a group setting.

Consultancy, Research & Reporting

We can help you develop and expand your emotional wellbeing resources and research to the benefit of your entire community.  We can provide supervision, support and training for organisation staff, patient leaders and key healthcare professionals, all on an individual or group basis.

We are always keen to explore new ideas to help you develop a particular project.  We can contribute personnel, data, training or consultancy on a wide variety of projects, such as developing resources for young people, organisational proceses, data analysis and resources development.

We can also provide an Annual / Project Report, and supporting content for fundraising applications and projects.

We work closely with organisations to provide data and content for journals and both internal and external reports.

We have recently co-produced the following articles:

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