Wellbeing Resources

We work with you to identify and address areas of need within your particular rare disease community

Whether you want to produce bespoke written or video materials for your unique community to support and inform about emotional wellbeing and mental health, we’d love to help.

We are always keen to work closely with your patient community to produce collaborative and relevant patient-led materials from a psychologically informed perspective.

Delivery may be online or face-to-face as appropriate.

Leaflets & Website Resources

We can provide content for, or consult upon, a range of specialist wellbeing resources from leaflets to web-copy. We have provided content on issues as wide ranging as Starting University, Managing your Medical Team, Sex and Drugs, You and your Workplace, and Starting a Family. 

We can also work with you to build resources signposting to trusted mental health support agencies, services, apps and websites.


We have produced a number of resources for charities and patient groups, such as:

  • Dealing with Diagnosis
  • Young People's Resources eg Starting University, Sex & Relationships, Drugs & Alcohol, Transitioning to Adult Services
  • Living with Uncertainty
  • Talking with Children about (this condition)
  • A Guide for Carers
  • Working with your Medical Team
  • Starting a Family

Video Resources

Resources in a range of formats are often helpful, given the range of abilities and preferences your community members may have in accessing information. 

We work with our own Rareminds videographer and sound technician, sensitive to working with a range of dis/abilities, to produce professional and high quality videos for your patient group.

We have historically produced videos with or for particular rare disease charities on areas such as:

  • What is Counselling
  • introduction to Mindfulness
  • Dealing with Difficult News and Telling Others
  • Managing Hormone Surges
  • Strategies for Anxiety Management
  • 10 Minute 'Mindful Mondays'

If you’d like to talk through wellbeing resources for your patient group, do get in touch

Supporting you to support your rare disease community

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