Couples Counselling

Living with rare disease impacts not just the individual, but partners too and the couple relationship as a whole.

We have highly trained and experienced couples counsellors to work especially in this field. Whatever your relationship – same-sex or straight, LGBTQI +, living together or apart, married or partnered – Rareminds Counsellors are available to help whatever your problems.

Additional services for couples

Living with a rare condition can bring you closer . However there may also be times when your relationship is under strain, or you are dealing with difficult things differently. Talking to a counsellor together can help you find new ways of coping, or thinking about your relationship differently.

It is not unusual for couples to find their relationship and family life can be impacted in all sorts of ways by living with a rare condition. This is often practically and emotionally. There are times when it will feel exhausting and frustrating, and perhaps a long way from what it was hoped or imagined the relationship would be like.

Counselling can help support couples in managing the emotional and psychological impact of rare disease upon their relationship, and in working towards better communication and creative solutions to problems.


Couples Counselling can help with:

  • 9Coping with anxiety and stress
  • 9The dynamics of caring, or being cared for
  • 9Understanding coping styles
  • 9Shifting power dynamics
  • 9Parenting
  • 9Family dynamics
  • 9Making choices
  • 9Sexual problems
  • 9Body image
  • 9Planning for the future

Our Couples Counsellors are members of either the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists or UKCP registered Couples Counsellors

Set Up Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling can be added to your tiered service package.

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