We can work with you on projects, tasks or issues that can could benefit from a psychological perspective or support.  We can also help with issues such as difficult group dynamics, brainstorming the emotional aspects of a creative idea, or in building relationships between teams.

Senior members of our Clinical team also offer consultancy to help your organisation or group resolve complex organisational issues, agree a project or group direction, or help with staff dynamics. We are always happy to help if you are feeling ‘stuck’ , or would welcome an external perspective.

Project Collaborations

Our therapists can work with you on particular projects specific to the needs of your particular patient group.  This could be on any project that would benefit from a psychotherapeutic or wellbeing perspective.

Examples include facilitating reflective groups, or being a presence on working parties exploring issues such as:

  • end of life planning
  • bereavement
  • young peoples’ projects
  • Holding On and Letting Go: supporting the parenting of young children / teenagers with complex health issues

Members of our team are also available for consultancy and our CEO takes a lead to develop Partnership Projects that interface rare disease and mental health and wellbeing more widely.  Don’t hesitate to make contact for an informal discussion.

rareminds projects

Here are some examples of past, present and future rareminds projects.  We’re happy to discuss any ideas you may have.

'The Counselling Service has been an essential part of our support services for many years.  Having the ability to refer our members to the service at any time has been critically important both for the person referred, and for staff and volunteers who might otherwise feel helpless in the face of emotional distress."

Supporting you to support your rare disease community

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