RareMindfulness Course

For Pain & Illness management

We work in partnership with a number of Associates from Breathworks  to run an 8 week Online Rare Mindfulness programme, tailored to your particular disease community.

Learning any new skill is often easier when you have someone to show you how – and others to learn it with!

How can online Mindfulness courses help?

Our 8 week Online RareMindfulness Programme (with a maximum of 12 participants) meets interactively every week, and is based on the Breathworks Mindfulness Based Pain and Illness Management (MBPM) Programme.

Groups are facilitated by a Breathworks Associate Mindfulness Teacher with a specialist awareness of the emotional challenges of living with rare disease, and will also work with your organisation to understand your particular disease and community.

Over the 8 weeks, group participants build up a range of techniques and practices to integrate into everyday life that can help address some of the challenges of living with rare disease.

The benefits of Mindfulness

Some of the distress we feel in relation to pain or difficult symptoms results from feelings of helplessness and fear, and mindfulness techniques can help find a way of approaching these very understandable feelings differently. By having strategies to draw on when in pain, fatigued, awake at night or feeling anxious or low, it’s possible to feel more ‘in control’ psychologically, even when symptoms are unpredictable or upsetting.

By supporting individuals to find a new way of relating to pain or other symptoms, it can also be possible to discover new ways of relating to the disease overall, or to better manage its impact on relationships and ordinary life too.

Mindfulness for carers

Mindfulness4Carers is also an 8 week online group that draws upon using mindfulness to deal with the stress and anxiety that is often involved in looking after a child, parent or partner with a rare disease.

If you’d like to hear more on Mindfulness, here is a video we made for one of our member organisations AMEND : What is Mindfulness?

The science of mindfulness

If you want to know more about the evidence for Mindfulness and how it can help with pain, anxiety, stress and illness, please go to:

British Medical Journal

Journal of Psychiatric Practice

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